About Hennig Group

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Founded by Brian Hennig,
Accredited Senior Appraiser, ASA


Hennig GroupThe speciality of the Hennig Group is the ability to value all assets of a company from the office computer to the company airplane.


Brian Hennig's career started in high school with setting up auctions. He learned the basics about equipment and the dynamics of different equipment markets from those early years.

Brian deepened this hands-on business knowledge with a formal education acquiring a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Relations/Business from the Univeristy of Southern California, Los Angeles, California. He followed this with a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California.

Taking his background of growing up in the auction business, and formal education in business school, Brian pursued wide-based experience and served for five years as General Manager of a small manufacturing company.

At that point he was ready to return to the equipment auction and sales/appraisal business. In 1991 Brian Hennig founded Hennig & Company focusing on equipment sales and appraisals.

As a strong believer in continuing education, Brian became an Accredited Member of ASA in 1991, and has continued to be an active Senior member in the organization.

In 1995 Hennig & Company purchased Higdon Inc and merged the two into Hennig Group.






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asset management
asset purchase or sale
asset recovery value
business valuation
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